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Marley and me John Grogan

posted Oct 20, 2010 20:37:44 by Destinyklopfenstein
Jenny wants a puppy and John said ok lets look in the news paper. They get Marley at a pound. Jenny and John now wants a kid,so the do and the test comes positive. She was ten weeks she goes to the hospital,and gets all these tests done. The Nurse cant find the baby's heartbeat,so they get Mr. Sherman and he says, "Sorry to tell you this but your baby boy is dead. And that is why I think this book is sad!!!
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beenieweenie said Oct 21, 2010 11:10:35
Sounds so sad,but then couples who really experience the loss of a baby know how sad it is! How does the dog figure in this story? I've never seen the movie so I'm clueless. BUT don't tell me the end I may read it someday.

Destinyklopfenstein said Oct 22, 2010 00:20:53
its real sad and funny
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