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'Among the Hidden' by Haddix

posted Oct 22, 2010 01:48:05 by Trevor!:D
This book "Among the Hidden" is the first in the book series 'The Shadow Children.', The author of this book is Margaret Peterson Haddix, and the cover illustrator is Cliff Nielson.

In this book Luke, a shadow child, has the marvelous life, no school, not a lot of physical labor, and a lot of toys and books to play with and read. Why? Because he was a third child. Where Luke lived, a third child meant death. That's why Luke and his family lived in the woods with hundreds of trees, then the government starts the process of deforestation with the woodlands behind his house. Thus he was no longer allowed outside, nor even near a window... so while his father is in the field, his brothers are at school, and his mother is at work, he watches workers create new roads, new 'baron' houses, the forests being knocked down, the machinery, everything. After all the construction is over and families moved in, he watched every morning for a month to count how many people had left, and made sure to count them every morning to KNOW that everyone was gone. Once they were he would go into the kitchen and help his mother by turning on the radio, making bread, doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen... then one day, he mysteriously seen a face in the neighbors glass sliding door... He knew if he told anyone about this suspicious happening his father would immediately ban him from looking out the vents, as his father didn't know about this. So, as soon as he finally got the courage to open the back door, run to the neighbors yard, and break into their house, he walked into a room that was suspiciously beeping and had clicking noises coming from it.. he poked his eyes inside the room quietly... this girl inside of the room must have been a ninja because she immediately tackled him. Soon, she admits that SHE was also a 'shadow child', a term that confused Luke... after an explination and a snack... Jen, the other shadow child, shows Luke her 'Third Child Chat room', as soon as they logged on Jen and Luke seen comments about a 'rally.' Then once again, Jen had to explain, she, along with the other shadow children, would march into the presidents front yard and demand that third children let live! Luke obviously thought she was crazy... But she was the only friend (other than family) that he had... so eventually he came back to Jen's house, the rally was getting closer announced Jen everytime... After a while, Jen demanded an answer to if Luke was going to come or not, Luke had to think about it. But he already knew the answer... No. Do you want to know what happens next? Read the book, I know for a fact that Mrs. Beene has a copy or two!:)

-Trevor Daugherty!:)
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centralbulldogs said Dec 15, 2010 05:36:53
I'm fixin to start it i hope it is as good as you and Katie said it is
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