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The Walls of Cartagena: Julia Durango

posted Oct 28, 2010 00:23:24 by cambball14
This book is about a boy named Calipino who helps his Preacher cure slaves that are in bad conditions. Father Pedro,(The Preacher) sends Calipino to different slave holds to treat them. He brings Calipino along because he can translate 12 different languages. That is very unusual for a 13 year old African boy to learn. He meets many new friends and has more tasks along the way, and some which are very dangerous. This story takes place in Cartagena, Columbia in South America. It's an awesome historical fiction book!!
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TravisMcCoig said Oct 30, 2010 00:57:08
That sounds like a good book cam
cambball14 said Nov 03, 2010 00:17:50
It is. You need to get it!!
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